Why Nigeria Deserves Seat In UN Security Council – Amb Tuggar

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Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Ambassador Yusuf Maitama Tuggar, emphasized the imperative of democratizing the United Nations (UN) Security Council, asserting that Nigeria’s population, economic stature, and vital role in Africa merit its inclusion in the UNSC.

They spoke on the panel themed “Securing an Insecure World” alongside notable figures such as NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg and Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Affairs Minister HH. Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud, and others, Tuggar made this declaration in Davos, Switzerland. The panel occurred on the sidelines of the recently concluded World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting.

Addressing persistent conflicts, escalating climate crises, fragile global economies, and potential risks posed by new technologies, the discussion provided a platform to assess the current state of global collective security. Tuggar highlighted the need for the UN Security Council to embody democratic values, emphasizing the importance of replicating principles like the rule of law in global decision-making bodies.

Criticizing the current composition of the UN Security Council, Tuggar called for the elimination of veto powers, deeming them ineffective and hindering the Council’s purpose. He expressed concern over the impact of undemocratic entities on the global security architecture, stressing the decline of diplomatic engagement and the increasing securitization of disagreements.

Highlighting the shift from a bipolar world where diplomacy prevailed, Tuggar lamented the diminishing role of diplomats, with security chiefs and defence policymakers taking precedence in addressing global security issues. He underscored the necessity to prioritize diplomacy over militarization in resolving international conflicts.

Minister Tuggar urged global leaders to collectively practice the democratic values they uphold, advocating for a more inclusive and effective UN Security Council that aligns with the evolving dynamics of our interconnected world.

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