Wife of Lagos Governor Hopeful GRV, accused of Debts Scandal by Twitter user

In a series of tweets, @chika_jones, a male freelancer, narrates a saga of unpaid dues and a standoff with Ify Aniebo, wife of Gbadebo Rhodes Vivour over £778. The story unfolds in December 2021 when Chika, after completing a project, starts following up for the owed money. Ify cites account issues and illness, promising payment and offering a bonus.

Fast forward to May 2022, Chika, in need of the funds, reaches out again. However, Ify accuses him of bombarding this time and refuses to pay, challenging him to do his worst. The dispute takes a personal turn as Ify claims to be a bridge Chika dare not burn, asserting her superiority.

Chika, undeterred, attempts to involve Ify’s husband, @GRVlagos, but receives no response.

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