Nigerians to benefit subsidy removal soon – Gbajabiamila

Femi Gbajabiamila, Chief of Staff to President Bola Tinubu, reassured Nigerians, stating that the benefits of fuel subsidy removal would be realized soon.

Gbajabiamila provided this assurance after casting his vote in the House of Representatives by-election at Poling Unit 014, Ward 08 at Elizabeth Fowler Memorial School, Surulere, Lagos state.

Addressing concerns about Nigerians’ current economic challenges, Gbajabiamila emphasized that the President and his administration are attentive to the people’s plight.

He acknowledged that the economic situation is a universal issue requiring careful handling.

Gbajabiamila highlighted that the challenges stem from missing economic fundamentals, which the current administration is diligently working to establish.

He explained that removing fuel subsidies was a national concession and a crucial step toward economic stability.

While acknowledging that the benefits of subsidy removal might not be immediate, Gbajabiamila expressed confidence in the President’s strategic approach, assuring that everything would eventually work out fine.

Addressing the issue of insecurity, the Chief of Staff urged Nigerians to support the President and his administration rather than resorting to negative criticisms.

He emphasized that security is a collective concern, and cooperation is essential to overcome challenges posed by kidnappers and terrorists.

Reflecting on the by-election, Gbajabiamila noted the peaceful and smooth process from accreditation to voting.

He advised the eventual winner to remain focused, dedicated, and committed to serving the people of Surulere.

Gbajabiamila emphasized the importance of having the people’s interests at heart and staying focused on national issues to ensure success in legislative work.

The by-election was triggered by Gbajabiamila’s resignation after winning and subsequently being appointed as Chief of Staff to Tinubu.

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