APC, Tinubu Doesn’t Have Capacity To Solve Nigeria’s Problems – LP

Yunusa Tanko, the Director of Media and Publicity for the Labour Party (LP), is sceptical about the Tinubu administration’s capacity to address Nigeria’s pressing issues.

Speaking on Channels TV’s Politics Today, Tanko emphasized the lack of tangible solutions presented by the administration since assuming power.

Tanko highlighted the significance of the first 100 days in office as a milestone for showcasing achievements.

Drawing a comparison with Governor Alex Otti’s proactive approach in his tenure, Tanko underscored the importance of instilling hope and taking decisive action to tackle challenges.

He pointed out the concern about the depreciation of the Nigerian currency against major foreign currencies, contrasting it with the stability observed in other African countries.

Tanko lamented the continued slide of the Naira, citing it as evidence of the government’s failure to inspire confidence and implement effective strategies.

Despite being labelled as the “giant of Africa,” Tanko criticized Nigeria’s downward trajectory under the current administration, questioning the need for additional time to address pressing issues.

He expressed disappointment that even within the initial 100 days, the government had not demonstrated its capability to build upon past achievements.

Tanko emphasized the importance of prioritizing the welfare of Nigerians across all regions, asserting that effective governance should translate into tangible benefits for the populace.

He concluded by expressing his readiness to commend the government if it demonstrates a genuine commitment to addressing the needs of the Nigerian people.

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