Aged Women, Young Boys Weep Bitterly As Anambra State Govt Destroy The Businesses Of Poor Traders In Awka (Photos)

Destroy The Businesses Of Poor Traders In Awka

…these poor traders you destroyed their businesses voted for you.

Hon Ossy Onuko, the Managing Director, Awka Capital Territory Development Authority ACTDA has no conscience. It is unfortunate that his boss is enjoying what he is doing. Yesterday, he sent his thugs to destroy the businesses of poor traders at Awka.

Destroy The Businesses Of Poor Traders In Awka

These people should have fear of God. Prof Soludo seems to be fighting everybody. He is fighting the Catholic church, the traditional rulers and now the traders.

Akeliciousmedia was able to access some video footages of what Ossy Onuko did to the road side traders at Awka yesterday. These poor traders did not commit any crime except coming daily to hustle on the street.

Destroy The Businesses Of Poor Traders In Awka

Prof Soludo has not provided any descent jobs for them. They pay their bills and stay out on the street hustling daily. Even if the government wants them to leave, they would have taken measures to relocate them.

Those women, the heartless Ossy Onuko destroyed their wares are the poor, the downtrodden and the less privileged. They left their homes to earn their daily living instead of stealing or going to beg for alms.

Destroy The Businesses Of Poor Traders In Awka

Soludo’s government does not think about the poor and the hardship they pass through in the country. Instead, they are adding to the pains of the poor. These traders who were being harassed by ndi Agbero, extorting different levies and taxes from them were visited with the worst yesterday.

Destroy The Businesses Of Poor Traders In Awka

They endured the extortions and were paying. But Nwa Mgbafor was not satisfied. He wanted to punish the poor more, so he sent his heartless ACTDA boss to finish them up. No one would watch the video footage without crying.

Prof Soludo why?
Ossy Onuko why?

Sadly, when journalists asked Ossy Onuko, why the show of the wickedness, he said they were waging war against street traders defacing the city, and I asked, what alternative did his boss, the governor provided for these street traders.

The shops at Awka are very expensive and these poor traders can not afford the exhortation rents. These poor traders are weeping and crying for justice. Destroying their makeshift shops with their goods is the height of man inhumanity to man.

Destroy The Businesses Of Poor Traders In Awka

These poor traders are voters. I am certain that by 2025 ndi Anambra will decide whether to continue with this administration without human face or elect a government that will care for them.

Currently now, Ndi Anambra can’t wait for 2025

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