Coalition Will Remove Tinubu From Power – Bwala

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Daniel Bwala, a former spokesperson for Atiku’s presidential campaign organization, has asserted that a coalition of political parties will emerge in 2027 with the goal of removing President Bola Ahmed Tinubu from power.

Bwala contends that Tinubu strategically used individuals from opposition parties to create internal crises, ensuring his reelection in 2027.

During an interview on Channels TV’s Politics Today, when asked about the potential for the PDP to form a strong opposition in 2027, Bwala indicated, “the truth of the matter is that there will be a coalition of political parties that will be very strong. This is a fact I know, and I don’t want to talk about the details.”

Bwala suggested that the upcoming coalition would absorb elements causing issues in various political parties. He emphasized the challenges of opposing Tinubu, stating, “If you want to remove Tinubu from power, you must work 23 hours and 50 minutes. You have only 10 minutes to sleep. The 10 minutes you have to sleep is when Tinubu will be sleeping.”

Analyzing Tinubu’s tactics, Bwala pointed out historical precedents in Lagos where the opposition was weakened or obliterated during his governance. He highlighted recent developments, such as the suspension of the NNPP’s presidential candidate and internal issues within the Labour and PDP parties, as part of Tinubu’s strategic actions to maintain control.

Bwala contended that a coalition of parties would neutralize disruptive elements within political parties, citing the resolution of internal issues within the PDP, particularly the situation involving Wike, as an example. The prediction underscores the anticipation of dynamic political alliances in the coming years aimed at challenging the status quo.

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