Emefiele’s wife, along with three other individuals, has been declared wanted by the EFCC

In a thrilling turn of events, Mrs Emefiele, Mr Eric Odoh, Anita Omoile and her husband, Jonathan Omoile, were officially declared as wanted individuals on a fateful Friday evening. Shockingly, they stand accused of colluding with the ex-governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria to illicitly convert significantly large sums of money that rightfully belong to the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The accused individuals stand accused of engaging in the heinous acts of deceitful acquisition of funds and the vile act of stealing, both of which flagrantly violate Sections 411, 287, and 314 of the Criminal Law of Lagos.

Emefiele faced allegations of bestowing corrupt benefits upon his wife, Omoile Margaret, and brother-in-law, Omoile Macombo, by supposedly granting a contract worth a staggering N99.8 million for the refurbishment of a section in the CBN Governor’s residence in Lagos.

The anti-corruption agency has made the shocking claim that the contract for the refurbishment of the residence of the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria is being carried out by Architekon Nigeria Limited, a company where the two individuals are both directors and hold the majority of shares.

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