“I knew it wasn’t ordinary” – Human robot Jadrolita shares history behind her AI act

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Amadou Elizabeth Aminata, the famed Nigerian human AI Robot who goes by Jarvis or Jadrolita, has opened up about her rise to stardom.

In an interview with @waptvtiktok, the young woman noted that she had no trouble acting like a human AI.
Jadrolita disclosed that prior to coming upon a video of Pinky Doll, a TikTok user who was based overseas and behaved like a human AI, she was just a typical user trying to get noticed.

She said that Pinky Doll’s clips was the catalyst for her life-changing realization that she too wanted to be a human artificial intelligence (AI).

Her decision was endorsed by her sister, and that’s when her adventure as a human AI started.

Growing up, Jadrolita was called a cartoon because of the way she behaved and spoke, which served as evidence that the human AI character was innate in her. She added that while she kept her AI persona throughout the sketches, trying her hand at skit writing wasn’t tough for her.

She requested everyone to keep an eye out for her and disclosed that she planned to pursue other endeavors in the future.

“I’m exploring and making things more interesting for my viewers. As time goes on, I will still explore more,” she said.

Read some comments below:

Randomfacts said: “The thing about life is when you do what you can do naturally, you will go far. Forget.”

@awesomebiskills said: “Our beautiful Jadrolita.”

Jane said: “Who else is seeing how beautiful she is?”

@ojo reacted: “She combine beauty with intelligent.”

Miss Kimoney Manoti said: “She recognized pinkydoll awesome.”

The Bezaleel creative said: “Well we told them about her when they were abusing her, look how she’s soaring.”

Watch the video below:


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