Insecurity: Security Agents Compromised by Criminal Informants -Mutfwang cries out

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Governor Caleb Mutfwang of Plateau State has voiced apprehensions about the infiltration of security agencies by criminal elements, suggesting that some officers collaborate with criminals as informants.

Addressing the issue on Wednesday, Mutfwang expressed several concerns related to security and community relations, specifically noting incidents where security forces confiscated common tools like machetes from locals.

Mutfwang called for a thorough review of the recruitment process and the implementation of mechanisms to identify and remove “bad eggs” within the security services. He emphasized the necessity for enhanced accountability and control over the possession of firearms.

“We must ensure balance. We cannot allow people to possess guns without control, without accountability. There must be a registration process so that we know who is holding what, where,” he stated.

The governor criticized overzealous behaviour by some security agencies, citing incidents where they confiscated tools from locals defending their communities. He urged commanders to boost the morale of those defending their communities rather than arresting them.

Mutfwang also highlighted the infiltration of security agencies, emphasizing the need for a firm directive from the president regarding ongoing recruitment processes. He stressed the importance of diligence to prevent the recruitment of individuals with affiliations to criminal elements.

Mutfwang called for a mechanism to identify and remove compromised individuals to maintain professionalism and discipline within the security services. He asserted that such measures are crucial to addressing the challenges of informants compromising security operations.

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