JUST IN: Iran Fires Missiles At USA’s Consulate In Iraq, Syria

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Iran’s IRGC announced they attacked “espionage centers and gatherings of anti-Iranian terrorist groups” in Iraq and Syria, before midnight local time on Monday.

The Revolutionary Guard issued several communiques saying that the ballistic missile strikes were in retaliation to “recent crimes of terrorist groups in killing innocent compatriots in Kerman and Rask.” It also singled out Israel for killing the Guard’s high-ranking officers and proxy forces in air strikes in Syria.

There are unconfirmed reports that some missiles landed near the US-led International Coalition Headquarters & the US consulate in Erbil.

No US facilities were impacted by the missiles strikes, two US officials told Reuters.

Deputy Speaker of Kurdistan’s Parliament, Hemn Hawrami, said that “unjustified attacks in Erbil by the IRGC targeted a civilian house” belonging to Peshraw Dizayee, killing him and 4 members of his family. Dizayee was an business mogul and head of Falcon Investment Group. In the past Tehran has accused some Iraqi Kurds of collaborating with Israel.

The IRGC was referring to a twin-bombing on January 3 near the tomb of one of its top commanders, Qasem Soleimani, in Kerman where around 100 people were killed, on the fourth anniversary of his killing by a US strike in Baghdad.

The Afghanistan branch of ISIS took responsibility for the attack that came as a major embarrassment to Iranian security forces.

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