Kano Hisbah Seizes Beer Truck, Detains 15 Alleged Prostitutes

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Authorities of the Kano State Hisbah Board have intercepted a truck transporting approximately 8,600 bottles of beer in Kwanar Dangora village along the Kano-Kaduna Expressway.

Idris Ibrahim, the Officer in Charge (OC) of Intoxicants for the board, disclosed that the vehicle had been under surveillance since its departure from Kaduna until it entered Kano territory.

“Our operatives halted the vehicle in Kwanar Dangora, and despite the driver’s attempt to flee, he was apprehended,” Ibrahim stated.

He emphasized the illegality of selling or consuming alcohol within Kano State, affirming their intention to prosecute the driver in court after gathering necessary information.

In a separate operation, the Hisbah command apprehended 15 young women across various locations in Kano City on suspicion of involvement in prostitution.

The arrests occurred in Hotoro, Tinshama, Bakin River, Sabon Gari, Miyangu Road, Hadejia Road, and Old Zoo Road Motor Park.

Several of the detained individuals, predominantly aged 19, admitted to engaging in unlawful activities and acknowledged previous encounters with Hisbah operatives.

Commenting on the arrests, Dr. Mujahid Aminuddeen, the Deputy Commander-General of Hisbah (DCG), lamented that some of the apprehended prostitutes had been previously charged and yet persisted in their illicit activities.

Aminuddeen expressed concern over individuals migrating to Kano to partake in immoral behaviours, urging the public to report such incidents to aid in cleansing the state of such vices.

“While recognizing the socioeconomic challenges some of these women face,” he remarked, “it is crucial to address the root causes and provide support to prevent further involvement in such activities.”

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