Local Priest Stuns Many As He Uses Holy Sachet Water To ‘Start Fire’ In Ghana (Video)


A video has captured the moment a Ghanaian traditional priest in the Ashanti Region ignited a fire using a sachet of water.

The extraordinary event, captured on video, has since gone viral, leaving viewers both surprised and curious.

The video captures the traditional priest, wearing a traditional attire, reciting incantations while standing over a gathering of logs of wood placed on the ground.

The anticipation in the air was evident as onlookers watched in disbelief, not fully comprehending what was about to occur

Confidently, the spiritualist poured the sachet of ‘pure water’ in his hand onto the assembled wood.

Moments later, to the astonishment of those present, flames began to dance and flicker, engulfing the logs of wood.

See Video Below;

See Reactions Below;

@malik__szn said; “Make he drink the pure water make we see something 🌚.”

@kaytoons_studio said; “There’s a tunnel under the fire woods someone is in that tunnel n lighting the woods up from down, i’m a black man you can’t convince me easily 😂😂”

@KuameOliver_ said; “Make he goo do am Canada. Na that place Wey Dey freeze”

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