Man Leaks Message His Friend Sent Him After Secretly Relocating to Canada


A man has been left shell shocked after finding out that his friend had secretly relocated to Canada.

The news was given to him during a WhatsApp conversation with the friend.

It all started after the Twitter user, @od_favour casually inquired about visiting his friend and, asked if he had food and drink available.

The unsuspecting query took an unexpected turn when his friend responded with a bombshell.

“I’m in Canada bro,” the friend said.

The revelation left @od_favour visibly shocked and perplexed, prompting him to barrage his friend with a series of questions.


“You don japa already?

“Are you fr?

“When did you go?” he asked


Netizens Reactions:

@tinugrills said; “This can be extremely painful sigh.”

@frankiemindset said; “When my friend was going to UK. Most people didn’t know but I knew. I followed him to the airport till he left and entered the Plane. That’s how close we are. This guy no rate you at all. Even when he came back. He came to visit me and still left. There are levels to these things. Don’t come and tell me nonsense please.”

@First_alphas said; “You’re the friend who finishes his food, he doesn’t rate that high to share life-changing decisions.”

@THEHFC11 said; “You only found out when you were hungry.”

@bagboylammy said; “Which kind friend be that? I fit no talk to am ever again.”

@iam_harryy said; “E fit still Dey around, e no just want make you come finish e food.”

@h_abibah said; “I’ll never speak with this person again fr.”

@yungieofficial said; “Japa without telling some real close ones is like a trauma-response in disguise to me. Cos shii is crazy.”

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