Man stabs retired nurse, housemaid to death in Benue

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In Benue state, a retired nurse, Mrs Esther Amali has passed away after a young man who invaded her residence killed her.

The assailant also killed her housemaid identified as Mercy Mwuese

According to report, the attacker stabbed the duo to death on Sunday at about 4:30 pm in their residence located around the Federal Low Cost, Makurdi, Benue State capital.

It’s gathered that the suspected murderer gained access to the compound and mauled the housemaid who was in her 20s at the time the retired nurse was away.

Two different stories have emanated as to why the suspected murderer invaded the house and carried out the heinous crime.

One version purported that the housemaid was impregnated by one of the rival cultists who had allegedly killed one of their members.

Another version claimed that the deceased’s housemaid had a quarrel with the suspected murderer because of his friend whom she (Mercy) accused of impregnating her and now the father of her baby.

It’s gathered that the suspected murderer had repeatedly warned the deceased housemaid to desist from mentioning his friend as being the father of her baby.

The attacker was said to have scaled a fence to gain access to the house at the time the retired nurse was away.

The eyewitness said it was at the point the attacker was stabbing the housemaid that the retired nurse returned to the house and was greeted with loud noise from the housemaid.

The eyewitness said, “As soon as the retired nurse entered and heard the cry of the housemaid, she rushed in only to see a young man stabbing Mercy (housemaid)

“Mama started begging and calling the name of suspected murderer to stop but he could not listen to Mama’s plea as he went on to stab Mercy until she was unconscious and then faced Mama and also stabbed her multiple times.

“Before help could reach Mama (retired nurse)the suspected murderer had escaped.

“But neighbours immediately arranged for a vehicle and conveyed Mama and the housemaid to the hospital. While on the way to the hospital, Mama though, gasping for breath, was able to narrate how the incident happened in a little way.

“Unfortunately, she could not make it as she gave up the ghost before getting to the hospital.

“Their remains have been deposited at the Federal Medical Centre, Makurdi while another neighbour had taken custody of the baby the housemaid left behind.

The state command spokesperson, SP Catherine Anene, is yet to issue a statement on the incident.

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