“My head is rotting away, I used my brain for money rituals” – Nigerian man shares

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A Nigerian man has revealed that he used his brain for money rituals and is now rich but he must live with the adverse effect for the rest of his life.

He shared his story via NGL and disclosed that his head is currently rotting away due to the sacrifice.

He said that he has been condemned to wear cap until he dies, but he does not regret dooing rituals to get money.

According to the man, he must always wear the cap to hide his rotten head from family and the public, and he can no longer get a haircut.

He wrote; “I used my brain as sacrifice in order to get rich… Now I have to wear cap for the rest of my life to cover my rotten head…the money is coming but I can’t even have a haircut now… I don’t regret it btw.”


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