My takeaways from 2023 elections – Peter Obi

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Mr. Peter Obi, former Governor of Anambra State and the presidential candidate of the Labour Party says he is delighted at the upbeat and positive attitude of youths in the country towards the last election.

This, among other things, he said is his biggest takeaway and lesson from the 2023 election.

Speaking during an interview with Vanguard, Obi said the young people in the country were not lethargic or indifferent to the parlous state of the nation as some would have you believed and are committed to doing what was right.

He said: “Well, for me, the biggest lesson is the fact that Nigerians are actually committed to good governance. They are not as complacent as people thought they were because they, especially the youths, were actually committed to doing the right thing. That is why they came out in their numbers to participate in the elections”

Obi added that another key lesson he learned was the fact that the elites and political class were not interested in turning the fortunes of the country around and giving the citizens a nation that they would be proud of.

“The second lesson is the realisation that the leaders, most people in the elite class are not actually interested in good governance because you can classify the electoral umpire as part of the elite class, the government, all of us are not prepared to do the right thing because if the elites are prepared to do the right thing, the result or the outcome of the election would have been different.

“But for me the elections have come and gone and I don’t want to talk about the issue of the 2023 elections again. It has come and gone and I am done with it.What I am talking about now are issues of governance because the average Nigerian today is talking about the Nigeria of today, and the Nigeria of tomorrow. That is what is important” he said.

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