NG Eagle: From Dream To Reality By Abubakar Yusuf

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The commencement of flight operations of NG Eagle muted since 2019 and scheduled to take off in 2021 after it had undergone the country’s bureaucratic redtapism and bottlenecks which included both regulatory and judicial obstacles, the inaugural flight scheduled for December, 10 , 2023 had gone down in history, as the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria AMCON, led by Ahmed Kuru that took over Arik , Dana air after it’s exposure had consolidated through the floating of a new airline.

This was not left out of political machinations and colorations injected against the floating of the genuine intentions of the conveners of NG Eagle, by the cabalistic disposition, sectional colorations and unhealthy rivalry among government agencies, that coincided with the establishment of the moribund Air Nigeria that was shrouded in all sorts of vices.

With the justification of the previous handlers at the top echelon of aviation industry masquareded as experts and professionals in the field, away from investors and good intentions for investment, huge returns on investment that occasioned the idea of floating an additional airline by AMCON having managed the earlier two moribund airlines( Arik, Dana) that went insolvent due to poor mismanagement of the managers to solvent.

The inaugural flight was not just a mere ceremony carried out by the management of NG Eagle under the leadership of Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria AMCON, but provided cheap, top notch services competitive, connectivity with high convenience that had jerked down high cost of air travel from 100,000 to 61,000 against the unpredictable astronomical increases during the yuletide and end of the year rush as well holidays.

With two brand new Airbus A320 on its fleet, NG Eagle high quality services, cost effective and customer relations strategy will be capped with professionals and highly experienced staffs both in it’s operational , administrative and other ancillary departments of the new airline, to manage the positive public pulse already created.

No doubt, with the good start and anxiousness already garnered, along with management strategies adopted from the many years management of two moribund airlines reverted from solvency to insolvency from the previous owners and to the public consternation and excitement, no doubt the new airline will be open to healthy competition, locally and internationally.

Having divested from management and recovery of public funds annexed by few privileged Nigerians and their foreign collaborators, it is obvious that the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria AMCON, under the leadership of Ahmed Kuru will not only consolidate it’s new divestment, but manage it with a view to ushering the highest level of professional practices and trend in Nigeria.

With it’s inauguration, the tendency of opening more ways to private investment and sustenance of the existing ones to the service of both local and international travellers is introduced.

All hands must be on deck by both private and public entities patronage, in view of the cost effectiveness, efficiency, management, image and handlers of the new NG Eagle.

For the new airline , it is another chapter to rejuvenate and consolidate genuine investors and investment in the Nigeria airspace, away from close to a decade manipulation and delay against some sectional and personal gains.

With the impressive take off , gradually the numbers of fleets will start increasing in line with the laudable objectives of the new airline.

Written by ABUBAKAR YUSUF, A Public Affairs Analyst on [email protected].

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