Nigerian Woman Dies On New Year’s Day, Two Weeks After A ‘Prophetess’ Prophesied To Her


An Akwa Ibom woman, Uyai Mma Nancy has been confirmed dead on New Year’s Day.

According to one Hrm Isabella Udoiba, the deceased had commented on a Facebook post, writing “I ‘m soo blessed”

One Mummy Hope, said to be a prophetess, left a comment under Mma’s comment, writing “pray seriously so your joy will not be taken away from you,”

Mma replied, writing; “Never, not when God is sitting in the heavens and ruling the affairs of men. He has never forsaken me.

The deceased got married on December 23, 2022.

The deceased’s friend of 20 years, Goodwill Nyong, who confirmed the sad news in a Facebook post on Tuesday, January 2, 2024, said the mother of one fell sick on Christmas Eve.

Sharing a throwback photo with Mma, he wrote; “After 20years of knowing each other from your birth, this is how death choose to gap us till we meet in eternity. Rest in peace,”
“My mother won’t fancy this news a worth believing one, I kept it far from her since yesterday, hoping you will wake before today, but you are still on sleep. Rest in peace
“Your mother didn’t enjoy you when she died, and your own is painful because of the 6 months old baby you left behind. Rest in peace
“No nah, after supporting me and assuring me that once I move to a new location we are going let the world know how God brought us up like we are from the same mama and papa, sickness of 24/12/2023 made you missed Christmas celebration with the hope that by new year you will be completely heal now the story is the saddest. Rest in peace
“Please dear, my text to you are not replied, my calls are not return come back oh Uyai Mma Nancy come back your 6 months old baby is still crying looking for the warm body of the mother. Rest in peace
“Personally I supposed to write gratitude article for you not a condolence, Mma Nancy you have made JANUARY 1 now to be sad memory to those you let behind. Rest in peace. R.I.P.”


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