Plateau: God angry with Nigeria over killings – Akwa Ibom cleric

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His Lordship Marshall Edidem, Custodian of the Spiritual Kingdom Church of Christ Mission in Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State, has expressed a belief that divine discontent plagues Nigeria, particularly in light of recent killings in Jos, Plateau State.

Following the tragic Christmas Eve attack, where over 200 innocent lives were lost to unidentified gunmen in Jos, Edidem called for persistent prayers and fasting to seek God’s intervention in the crisis.

Speaking from the state capital, Uyo, he emphasized the efficacy of prayers in averting worse calamities, citing past instances.

Reflecting on the church’s Founder Day celebrated on January 2, a tradition since its establishment in 1946, Edidem underscored the significance of collective prayer for peace across Nigeria.

He stressed that only sustained prayers and fasting could offer a solution to the ongoing crisis in Jos.“Fast and pray for God’s intervention in the Jos crisis.

Sustained prayers to God will bring an end to the crises, and God will certainly provide the solution,” Edidem urged.

Adding his perspective, Chief Priest Obong Samuel Edidem highlighted the country’s pervasive hardship. While acknowledging the government’s role, he urged Nigerians not to solely blame the authorities, suggesting that some challenges could stem from divine displeasure.

“Hardship is pervasive in Nigeria. Only through God’s power can peace be restored and hardship reduced. Blaming the government for our challenges may not be entirely justified; some are consequences of God’s anger,” he emphasized.

As the church marked its Founder Day, the call for collective prayer and divine intervention resonates as a beacon of hope in navigating the complexities of Nigeria’s present challenges.

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