“The Bible Never Said a Woman Should Love a Man” – Cleric Advises Women (Video)


Nigerian clergyman, Emmanuel Okose has claimed that love is a weakness.

This is as he urged women to stop loving men.

In a video posted online, the former singer said that no where in the bible states that a woman should love a man.

In his words;

‘’Women, stop loving. Love is a huge weakness. The bible never said a woman should love a man. 90% of your tears, regrets, pain is connected to love. When a woman is in love, she becomes weak. When a woman is in love she ignores the red flags, she ignores the pain, lack of attention, the disrespect because she thinks he will change. One of the greatest weakness of women is that once a woman is in love, she always feels that the partner will change overtime and that has made a lot of women’s time to be wasted, 1 year, 5, years, 24 years, 30 years, you are waiting for an idiot that can never change. God never said a woman should love a man, he said submit.”

Watch a video of him speaking below

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