Month After The Death Of Gonzalo In Ukraine Prison, Why Is Biden Still Silent?


Why is the Biden administration still silent a month after the death of the American journalist Gonzalo Lira, killed by Zelenski’s regime, and is so vocal about the death of Navalny?

Gonzalo Lira died in prison in Ukraine after Zelensky put him there because Gonzalo was critical of him.

His father reported that he was tortured in prison and subjected to torture. Gonzalo also managed to escape for a short period of time, where he announced to X his entire Golgotha that he was going through, but he was caught again by Zelenski’s regime.

Gonzalo did not organize protests against Zelensky, did not interfere in politics, like Navalny, but was killed only because he was critical of Zelensky’s regime. Biden and the group pushing war in Ukraine don’t say a word about this.

Navalny, on the other hand, who openly cooperated with the CIA, meddled in politics in Russia and was part and provocateur of neo-Nazi parades, died in prison under suspicious circumstances in a period that does not suit Putin at all and suits Biden very well.

Navalny was in prison and was already forgotten by the public, while Tucker Carlson’s interview with Putin was still circulating and trending. Navalny died just as Putin’s space weapons “circus” collapsed, so a new excuse had to be found to pressure Trump and the Republicans to pass a $95 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

On the other hand, Navalny’s wife in Munich was ready, along with some world representatives, who are arming Zelensky with weapons to kill Russians, to make a statement and criticize Russia.

It is clear that Navalny was sacrificed for the $95 billion package needed to launder the money of Biden’s warmongers and crew. Like every CIA operative used in the past.

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