Couple Reminisce on the decision to marry each other despite being sickle cell carriers

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Couple gets called out for prioritizing their love over their children’s health as they get married despite both being AS, carriers of sickle cell.

They admitted they had been dating and when it was time to get married, they debated whether or not to go through with it because they were both carriers of sickle cell.

The couple.
However, their love superseded all other facts and they went ahead to get married.

They advised others to not do the same because before they got married, they carried out their research and met with a lot of doctors during the process of childbirth.

Thankfully, the children they have together are not sickle cell carriers and that is their proof that their love was an unbending force.

See reactions to the video below

@Mel_unchained wrote: “Nope. Please they shouldn’t platform people like this.
I promise you, love absolutely cares and 99% of people cannot afford this huge risk.”

@IamEkene_ added: “Don’t do this but my parents are both carriers and had 5 boys. No sickler(AS, AS, AS, AA, AS). Going by medical probabilities, the 4th should be a Sickler but nature is brutal as well as merciful. Carriers can have all AAs and SSs depending or a combination.”

@MadamPrema opined: “Sickle cell is no joke, this is irresponsible”

@AgbajeTai noted: “They are in the US and both citizens. They have access to best medical care. They should not be used as example of Love Don’t Care for everyone.”

@sugabelly stated: “Making videos glorifying two sickle cell carriers getting married and crediting the glory of God is reckless endangerment of society. Since the foundation of Nigeria everybody has known that once two people find out they are carriers, the relationship should be snuffed out.”

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