I Haven’t Seen My Wife In Five Years – Sowore

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Omoyele Sowore, the former presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC) in the 2023 elections, made a startling revelation recently. He disclosed that he hasn’t looked at his wife for a staggering five years.

This revelation emerged in response to a recent court ruling that compelled the Federal Government to drop the treasonable felony charges against him and his co-defendant, Olawale Bakare.

The charges stemmed from their involvement in advocating for a nationwide #RevolutionNow protest against the former President, Muhammadu Buhari.During an appearance on Channels Television’s Politics Today, Sowore shared the emotional toll of his prolonged separation from his wife.

He recounted the timeline, stating that since his arrest in 2019, he has been deprived of the comforting presence of his spouse.

“After my arrest, despite being released twice, I endured further hardships. My first release was swiftly followed by another abduction in front of a judge, underscoring the precarious nature of my freedom,” Sowore narrated.

“I was well aware that my release was not an act of benevolence but rather a court-mandated decision under immense public pressure.”

Reflecting on the motives behind his persecution, Sowore highlighted the government’s systematic suppression of dissenting voices.

He criticized the previous administration led by Buhari for its heavy-handed tactics, which resulted in loss of life and economic hardship.

“The Buhari government relentlessly tried to silence opposition and stifle truth. Despite facing countless adversities, including physical assaults and the tragic loss of loved ones, I persevered,” Sowore remarked.

“Regrettably, this ordeal has taken a toll on my personal life. I have been estranged from my wife for five agonizing years, a painful consequence of the path I chose in advocating for justice and accountability.”

Sowore’s revelation offers a poignant insight into the sacrifices made by individuals who dare to challenge authority to achieve a better society.

Despite his hardships, his unwavering commitment to democracy and freedom remains undiminished.

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