Nigeria In ICU, Needs Urgent Resuscitation – Tambuwal

Addressing concerns about Nigeria’s current state, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, the former Governor of Sokoto State and current Senator representing Sokoto South Senatorial District, likened the nation’s condition to that of a patient in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), desperately requiring immediate attention.

In a statement delivered from his residence in Sokoto on Saturday, Tambuwal emphasized the collective responsibility to revive the nation: “Saving the life of our country is a duty we all share.”

Reflecting on his recent silence regarding national issues, Tambuwal expressed, “My prolonged silence was a deliberate choice, a period of introspection. Sometimes, unexpected events render one speechless. However, the state of our nation speaks for itself. Nigeria is ailing and in need of urgent intervention.

”Asserting that every individual, regardless of political, religious, or ethnic affiliation, is responsible for contributing to Nigeria’s revival, Tambuwal urged for a deep introspection and appealed to humanity’s conscience.

“Let us engage in honest conversations, recognizing our shared humanity and the need for compassion,” he stated.

Tambuwal called upon the media to fulfil its role as a watchdog, emphasizing the importance of truthfully portraying the nation’s realities.

“Now more than ever, Nigeria requires your unwavering commitment to uphold public and national interests. You possess the power to hold accountable those in positions of authority,” he urged.

Highlighting the pivotal role of journalism in serving humanity and advancing the nation’s interests, Tambuwal stressed the need for collective action.

“Nigeria is at a critical juncture, requiring concerted efforts. As guardians of truth, we must instil hope and inspire positive change,” he concluded.

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