Man Gets Mauled To Death By His Own Pitbull Dogs (Photos)


In what will come across as a really shocking development, a man has been mauled to death by his pit bulls in L.A. County, USA as officials found his body in a backyard kennel where he kept the dogs.

This horrific incident occured on Thursday night, February 15 in Compton although his body wasn’t discovered until Friday and at that point, he was dead.

As at press time its still not clear what exactly led to the mauling, but the man is reported to have been in the business of breeding/selling pit bulls owning at least 5 grown ones in his backyard.

Police say they believe he might have been trying to feed the animals when they turned on him.

Helicopters surveying the scene early Friday appear to have captured images of his body in one of the enclosures on his property — but later in the day, first responders arrived to contain the situation … apprehending the dogs themselves.

The animals  are now in the possession of Animal Control.

The director of LA County’s Animal Control department said, “Our deepest sympathies are extended to the family and friends of the victim. We are committed to conducting a thorough investigation to determine the facts and ensure the safety and well-being of both the community and the animals involved.”

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The identity of the victim has yet to be released.

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