“How good looks boost my acting career” – Tayo Faniran

Tayo Faniran opens on importance of both looks and skill in securing roles in movie industry
Tayo Faniran.

Nigerian actor and reality TV star, Tayo Faniran, has opened up on the role physical appearance plays in his successful acting career.

The Big Brother Africa 2014 runner-up revealed that his towering height of six feet four inches, broad shoulders, and dark skin contribute significantly to landing key roles in the movie industry.

Tayo Faniran went on to mention the visual appeal he brings to the screen even when he isn’t talking.

However, the actor emphasized that his success is not solely based on looks. He emphasized his dedication to getting better at acting.

Let’s say my looks have contributed to the kind of roles I get. I am six feet four inches. I’m really tall and I have broad shoulders. I am dark-skinned as well. Those things, put together, already make me a super attractive personality for TV. If you see me on the screen, even without me talking, you would love to look at me.

It’s important that we (actors) attract the viewers to what we are showcasing, whether it’s storytelling, reality, or whatever it is. However, that’s not all there is to it. There are good-looking people on TV who are not good actors. I want to be a proper and versatile actor that can deliver, whether as a mechanic, farmer, or headmaster.”

Tayo Faniran discussed his transition from a reality TV star to an actor, describing it as a challenging journey that required dedication and hard work.

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He mentioned learning from observing others in the industry and credited his achievements to a combination of self-belief, spirituality, and the guidance of influential individuals in his life.

The actor also pointed out the crucial role played by his brother-in-law in shaping his career.

“It is a lot of work and a long journey. I am a very spiritual person, though not religious. I believe that all the steps I have taken and those I will take in the future have been orchestrated by God. There is nothing I have achieved or have become that I have not dreamt about before. Even before I became the good actor I am today, I have always bragged to people that I was a good actor. And, I kept on working towards it. Sometimes, I learnt some things just by thinking deeply about them.

I learnt some things just by watching others do them. In a similar vein, I learnt some things by taking corrections from people that I know love me genuinely and want the best for me. One example of such individuals is my brother-in-law. He is one of my greatest influences and advisers. He is not an actor but he is intelligent. He knows something about everything. He loves me so much and has been a part of my journey.

At a point in my career, he told me, ‘Tayo, you are a model; a poser (sic). If you are talking and saliva drops from your mouth, you want to wipe it. If you are standing and your shirt is not hanging properly, you want to fix it. You do the same when you are acting. That means you have not forgotten who you are. That is not acting. You need to let go of yourself. Don’t be a model when you are acting’. I then learnt how to separate being a model from being an actor, who plays different roles.”

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