Insecurity: Imo residents cry out over influx of strangers


Residents of Imo have raised alarm over the influx of strange faces into the state.

They added that on a regular basis they are being dumped by trailers into Avu, Obinze in Owerri-west LGA and several other suburbsA resident in Owerri Municipal revealed that over 90% of Okada riders in Obinze, Avu, and FUTO areas are unknown faces and barely speak Igbo.

He compared the presence of strangers in Imo to that in Plateau state, urging security agencies to take necessary actions regarding the situation.

“If we are not careful with the daily influx of strange elements into Imo, I’m afraid, the state may be worse than Plateau where hundredths are slaughtered in one snap,” the resident stated.

“I was in FUTO in Owerri recently and discovered that more than 90% of Okada riders inside the school are strangers. This is how it took root in Plateau state. Gradually they are penetrating every nook an cranny of the state. Let me tell you that I have the history of Plateau in my palms. I was born in Manguna, a little village in Bokkos more than 63 years ago. My father used to be a cattle rearer before finally relocating home in 1990. I see a particular pattern of Plateau crisis taking root in Imo. We need to be careful.

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“You should ask yourselves why these strangers often chose to congregate close to military establishments. We should be alert and find a way to protect ourselves from the unknown enemies surrounding us. Our security agencies too should step up actions and interrogate this set of strangers, know their mission and where the sleep at night in order not to be taken unawares when they will strike.”

Another resident who pleaded anonymity had this to say, “as we speak, another trailer load of Northerners and dogs are currently at Njaba River entering the capital City of Owerri, their probable destination.

“Some are dumped at Avu Junction and Nekede Cluster Market. All military and police checkpoints should not allow the offloading of these people and their dogs in Imo again!

“It’s amazing that with all these alarm people are raising, the government and security agencies have not come to make a statement, nor clarification as to know the intents and mission of these strange hunters.

“All we are saying is the security and safety of all Imolites is sacrosanct. Any single security alert should be looked into by the police and army in order not to be taken unawares.”

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