Former SGF Boss Mustapha’s Son Defrauds An Innocent Citizen of Millions of Naira

Mustaphas Son

The fraudulent activities of one Dr. Daniel Okara, who at several occasions pride himself as the son of the former Secretary to the Government of the Federal, Boss Mustapha, has recently come to light. One of his victims is laying it bare.

In August 2023, Boss Mustapha’s son, Dr. Daniel Okara, reached out and claimed he had a won a contract from his father’s office in commemoration of the present SGF 100 days in office. And that he doesn’t have enough funds to prosecute this project because he was not mobilized with funds, claiming it will be paid after 70 percent completion of this project.

He requested for a loan Naira for him to prosecute this supposed contract he got from Boss Mustapha’s former office of the Secretary of the Federation for a program in commemoration of the present SGF 100 days in office. Due to the request being impromptu, he was eventually loaned the sum of three million Naira and five hundred Naira (#3,500,000).

Dr. Daniel Okara promised to defray this loan in two weeks time, that would be the 20th of August, 2023. He swore to do this, and even added that his father is Boss Mustapha, the immediate past Secretary to the Government of the Federation, and as such, he will come through with this promise to repay his debt.

Dr. Daniel Okara, whose company is African Sapphire, provided his company bank account details for this loan to be paid into. The loaned money was paid into: Account Name; African Sapphire with account number 1300670760, Providus Bank. Unknown to this person, this pattern of fraud has been the modus operandi of Dr. Daniel Okara. He uses the same format to defraud unsuspecting victims.

After the expiration of the loan term, August 2023, Dr. Daniel Okara has been offering one story to another, jumping from one excuse to another. He no longer takes his calls or reply WhatsApp chats or texts. He has rendered to valid reason for not paying his debt of three million and five hundred thousand Naira (#3,500,000). Of a fact, his posturing his an indication of a grand theft scheme, planned from the get go.

This is a clarion call on Boss Mustapha to call his son, Daniel Okara, to order to repay his debts. Painfully, the money he was loaned was drawn from an emergency fund which was in pound sterling of about three thousand and two hundred pounds (£3,200) to be used to meet demand of utmost importance. Dr. Daniel Okara was made aware of all the situation. And, it is important to refund the said money which is today valued at about 7 million Naira.

It is rather sad that Dr. Daniel Okara will be going about town defrauding people of their hard earned money. We are also aware that there are numerous complaints about this man in several police stations in Abuja.

Who is covering Dr. Daniel Okara? Who is giving him leeway? Could that be his father, the immediate past Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Mustapha?

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