“The hardship is unbearable” – Man stages solo protest in Akwa Ibom

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41-year-old Nigerian man, David Ubaha stages a solo protest as he hits the streets of Uyo, Akwa Ibom to express his disapproval of the country’s current hardship.

It was gathered that the man went on a solo protest on the 19th of February in Uyo.

man solo protest hardship

The Itu Local Government Area native and businessman was seen with a sign tucked in both the back and front of his clothing. He decried the fact that most individuals could no longer handle the hardship

Responding to reporters, the protester named Nigeria’s issues, citing unplanned subsidy elimination, rampant insecurity, currency depreciation, and unchecked inflation among them.

He encouraged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to invest in mechanized farming, diversify the economy, revive ailing businesses, and begin production locally.

The man said …

“The idea on how to fix this country does not reside with our leaders alone; it resides with the people, but the saddest episode is that when these ideas are being proffered by the people, the leaders will not take them into cognizance.

“So, I David Ubaha, a true son of Ibiobio, have sworn to myself that I will never keep quiet and watch this country go down the drain.

“The situation has affected me negatively. The cost of fuel, cost of food in the market have gone up. I’m not speaking for myself alone, but looking at what the society is passing through, it pricks my mind”.

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