Hardship Protest: Police release Delta activist Israel Joe

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Comrade Israel Joe, a Delta State-based activist, who was detained by soldiers during a protest against economic hardships, has been released by the Nigerian police.Joe confirmed his release in a statement on Saturday morning.

Sahara Reporters stated that the military handed him over to the police, intending to charge him with terrorism for allegedly orchestrating a protest against the economic challenges and high cost of living in the state.

On Saturday morning, Joe said, “I have been released…I want to sincerely thank everyone that reached out on calls and messages. I appreciate all the bloggers, friends, comrades and fans that genuinely consolidated on this struggle for my release.

“Some comrades who are state agents and anti-people in their operations had liaised with the government to disrupt the protest even after having resolutions to step it down.

“Acclaimed comrades in the likes of one Ejumudo, Akima, Tega Tracy, Pst Egedegbe and others who were alleged to have collected huge sum of monies from the government to stop the protest attacked us in the presence of the security agents as planned.

“The police had resolved the issue before the military men came to ask who is Comr. Joe. They held one of my comrades Pemu Unurocheo and myself.

“In a commando style with convoy and siren as if Evans the kidnapper has been arrested, they moved us to the Army Barracks where we were shortly detained at the military guardroom.

“After some time, the commander came to interrogate us and I was happy they all were aware that there was hardship in the country. He then said he would be taking us back to the Nigeria Police Force. Again, they moved us in siren and convoy with full Air-condition to DSC Roundabout where they handed us over to the police. The police told me that I’m under arrest and would be charged for terrorism.

“They took me alone in their vehicle straight to the Ekpan Police station where I was quizzed, interrogated again by the DCO and my statement was obtained.

“In the magnanimity of the Commissioner of Police of the Delta State Command along with the DPO who saw the truth, upon which the hungry and haggard looking comrades framed up, they had to release me.

“The question is how much were these hungry, poverty stricken looking comrades paid to sell out, in the guise that Israel Joe is not a Deltan by tribe but, only a born Deltan.

“Who is even scared of Police cell or prison in the first place. I’m a stubborn non conformist that would stop at nothing until our society gets better. We are not distracted by these antics of these chąrIątąns, but, surely, posterity owes us all.”

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