Kai Cenat surprises man with $20k and a new girlfriend after Omah Lay’s show

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American online streamer and YouTuber, Kai Cenat, has reportedly given a young man from Omah Lay’s show $20k and a new girlfriend on his IG live.

This comes not long after his girlfriend reportedly left him to dance with Omah Lay on stage during a recent show.

"From Heartbreak to Jackpot" - Kai Cenat surprises man with $20k and a new girlfriend after Omah Lay's show

Gistreel had previously published a report revealing that a lady identified as Jessani left her boyfriend, whom she attended Omah Lay’s concert with, and accepted the singer’s invite to dance with him on stage.

While the singer, Omah Lay, was performing, he reached out to Jessani, who was also at the show to watch the concert, and asked her to join him on stage, she accepted.

Jessani left her partner as she danced and rocked the singer, while her boyfriend watched as she danced seductively with Omah Lay.

After the show, the young man, humiliated by the act, walked home alone.

After facing backlash and attacks on Jessani’s social media pages, she has promised to release a statement in the coming days to share her side of the story.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend, who she left at the show to dance with Omah Lay, is being praised online, as he has also reportedly been given the sum of $20,000 and a new girlfriend.


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