Kenyan Woman Collapses & Dies Three Days After Arriving In Canada

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The tragic death of a 46-year-old Kenyan woman, Delphine Ngigi, just three days after her arrival in Canada has left her family grieving and sparked an investigation into the circumstances surrounding her demise.

Reports reveal that Ngigi had sought asylum upon her arrival and spent hours in the cold while waiting for shelter at the Mississauga Refugee Camp. However, she was turned away initially due to the facility being full.

After enduring hours of exposure to the cold weather, Ngigi was eventually granted entry into the shelter and provided with a place to sleep. Sadly, the following day, she collapsed while showering at the shelter, her health having deteriorated rapidly. She was rushed to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead shortly after arrival. The cause of her death remains undisclosed pending autopsy results.

Criticism has been directed at the management of the refugee camp for their handling of the situation, particularly for denying Ngigi shelter during adverse weather conditions. Lobby groups, including members of the African community in Canada, have expressed solidarity with Ngigi’s family and called for accountability in ensuring the safety and well-being of asylum seekers.

Ngigi, a widow and mother of four children in Kenya, had embarked on her journey to Canada in search of better opportunities. Now, her family awaits answers as an autopsy is scheduled to determine the cause of her untimely death before her body can be laid to rest.

Demanding justice, advocates like Kizito Musabimana, founder of the Rwandan Canadian Healing Centre, have emphasized the government’s responsibility to safeguard newcomers and prevent such tragedies. Musabimana highlighted the need for reflection on the treatment of marginalized communities, pledging support to Ngigi’s family in organizing her final farewell.

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