Now Is Best Time To Apologize To Igbos, Ohanaeze Tells Yakubu Gowon

Ohanaeze, Yakubu Gowon

In light of the recent incendiary remarks made by Former Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon, regarding the Biafra War experiences, OHANAEZE NDIGBO issues a direct and resolute call for reconciliation and healing in a statement entitled “Best Time for Gowon to Apologize to Igbos now he’s alive, and to Heal the Wounds of the War Forever. OHANAEZE NDIGBO Tells Gowon.”

The comments attributed to General Gowon following his visit to President Bola Tinubu on February 21, 2024, have once again reopened deep wounds and inflicted profound hurt upon the Igbo nation, both within Nigeria and across the diaspora. We note with concern the inflammatory nature of Gowon’s statements and the deliberate targeting of the collective Igbo psyche.

The continued insistence of General Gowon on reiterating his version of events during the Biafra War over the past 54 years is a source of great distress to the Igbo people. We challenge Gowon to reflect on his actions and recognize the need for reconciliation and repentance. His steadfast refusal to acknowledge the pain and suffering caused by the war displays a lack of empathy and a failure to grasp the gravity of his role in that dark period of our history.

OHANAEZE NDIGBO boldly asserts that Gowon’s survival for over five decades, despite the loss of over 3 million Igbo lives during the war, presents him with a unique opportunity for redemption and reconciliation. As a professed Christian, we implore Gowon to heed the call of conscience and take the necessary steps to seek forgiveness from the Igbo people by acknowledging his mistakes, revealing the truth behind the Aburi Accord, and issuing a sincere apology.

General Gowon must rise above personal pride and historical revisionism to elicit genuine healing and unity in our nation. His failure to exhibit contrition and his repeated insensitive comments undermine the reconciliation efforts of the Igbo people, who have demonstrated forgiveness and a commitment to national development.

OHANAEZE NDIGBO calls on General Yakubu Gowon to seize this pivotal moment to discard the relics of the past, embrace humility, and offer a long-overdue apology to the Igbo community. By doing so, Gowon can pave the way for genuine reconciliation, foster a climate of understanding and forgiveness, and facilitate lasting peace and harmony in our dear nation.

Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro

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