Shaibu Vows to Press On Despite Intimidation in Edo Gubernatorial Race

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Edo’s Deputy Governor, Philip Shaibu, asserts unwavering determination despite facing intimidation and harassment amid his political pursuit.

In Abuja on Saturday, Shaibu addressed journalists, highlighting the recent parallel primary where he emerged as the party’s candidate for the upcoming Edo governorship election.

He expressed concern over the extensive intimidation and harassment experienced by himself and his supporters leading up to the primary.

“The relentless intimidation and harassment directed towards me and my supporters were unprecedented. However, it hasn’t swayed our commitment to our cause,” Shaibu emphasized.

Amid allegations of coercion, including sackings and transfers of civil servants associated with him, Shaibu remained resolute, stating, “Persisting intimidation implies an inability to win an election.”

Shaibu emphasized that his candidacy transcended personal aspirations, underscoring the importance of aligning with the people’s wishes.

“The party must prioritize the voice of the populace. Winning the Sept. 21 election hinges on fielding a popular and capable candidate, not imposing one,” he remarked.

Shaibu stressed the PDP’s need to adhere strictly to electoral laws and internal guidelines for a successful election outcome.He highlighted discrepancies in the primary process, citing the disenfranchisement of delegates and the importance of inclusivity in electoral proceedings.

“While parties retain the right to nominate candidates, adherence to electoral laws and internal regulations is paramount,” Shaibu reiterated.

In the primary, Asue Ighodalo secured victory over nine contenders, including the Deputy Governor, garnering 577 votes.

Despite conflicting results, Shaibu was declared the winner in a parallel exercise, emphasizing procedural irregularities in the opposing faction’s primary.

In conclusion, Shaibu affirmed, “Respecting electoral laws and party guidelines is imperative for a credible democratic process.”

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