Mother in pain as daughter breaks a dozen eggs for pretend ccooking (Video)


An American mother is left upset after her daughter breaks a dozen eggs at once while attempting to fry them for herself during pretend cooking.

A video making the rounds on TikTok shared by @anthessa2018 about her baby girl has generated a wave of reactions among viewers.

Mother in pain as daughter breaks a dozen eggs during pretend cooking

In the brief clip, the mother questioned the child about why she broke 12 eggs all at once without sticking to the fake eggs in her pretend cooking kit.

Her daughter, situated in the kitchen, apologized for her actions but maintained her insistence on wanting to eat eggs as a child.

“Listen eggs were too expensive for her to crack like 12 of them!!!” the woman captioned the video while expressing the cost of a dozen eggs.

Reactions as mother laments over a dozen eggs broken by daughter

AuDHD BBL said: “She’s developmentally ready to help cook/food prep! Get her some tools and a stool & slide on over.”

T_Grigrio said: “The jury finds her not guilty! She said sorry!”

BlessedJewelsandGems said: “Stop pressing her about them eggs…she made them with love while looking cute.”

Fia said: “I’m sorry” would’ve folded me lol.”

@beauty said: “Real eggs are for kids. She’s adorable.”

Ari said: “Okay she said sorry with her eyes, let’s not make a scene lol she too cute.”

C.L.M. commented: “I’m more impressed that she didn’t make a mess like AT ALL! hmm.” 

Watch the video below:

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