Tony Okocha Tackles Governor Sim Fubara, Labels His Government; Rudderless ,Directionless & Visionless

… Says Governor Sim Fubara on the saddle of comatose Governance in Rivers will be the easiest to defeat.

The Leader/Chairman of the Caretaker Committee (CTC) of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State, Sir (Chief) Tony Okocha (JP), Ksc, DSSRS, said that the battle against the clueless, rudderless, directionless, and visionless government in Rivers State, with Governor Siminilaye Fubara at the saddle will be the easiest to win.

He made this assertion after careful examination of recent events in the State, and the lack of vision by Governor Siminilaye Fubara in the face of the present economic situation in the country, which Rivers State is not an exemption.

According to the Leader/CTC Chairman of the APC in Rivers State, “we must condemn that which is condemnable and applaud that which is applaudable without minding or caring ten hoots, whose ox is gored.”

He frowned at what he described as “ostentatious jamborees dubbed Thanksgiving Services in the streets of Rivers State,” at the expense of providing succour to Rivers people.

He wondered how that is contributing towards alleviating the suffering of Rivers people at this difficult point in time.

On the way forward in the face of the current economic situation, Sir (Chief) Tony Okocha urged Governor Siminilaye Fubara to borrow a leaf from other State Governors who are busy initiating policies and programs aimed at putting food on the table of the citizens of their respective States.

He added that, “we are reading and seeing in practical terms what Governors of States are doing in their respective States.” Which is the policy thrust in Rivers State, he queried.

On the unending charade and street processions in the name of thanksgiving service which Governor Siminilaye Fubara seem to prioritize over and above practical solution to cushion the biting economic situation in Rivers State, the Leader/Chairman of the APC in Rivers State wondered if Governor Siminilaye Fubara was the only elected Governor whose victory at the polls challenge, travelled to the Supreme Court.

Sir (Chief) Tony Okocha queried if Governor Siminilaye Fubara’s case was worse than that of Governor Caleb of Plateau, who the same circumstances removed all the elected State Assembly and National Assembly Members under the Peoles’ Democratic Partty (PDP) in Plateau State.

He added that “the Governor himself, was sacked at the Court of Appeal only to be saved at the Supreme Court.”

“After the Governor organised an interdenominational Thanksgiving in Jos where he sang, danced, and piously prayed like the Biblical David, has anything else been heard in Plateau State”?

He affirmed that a major demonstration to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s commitment to solving the immediate economic problems, is the huge allocation deployed to States and Local Governments.

“You saw pictures of his meeting with major financial gurus and investors in Nigeria, in attempt at proffering solutions”, he added.

“President Bola Ahmed Tinubu cannot be dwarfed. He is very visionary and focused. He is everyday thinking out of the box.”

“Fortunately, even renowned critics in the garbs of political/economic analysts, have absorbed President Tinubu from the present economic miasma. Renowned Economists and Bankers, too.”

“President Tinubu is not bothered with the opposition~orchestrated public disturbances, who deploy hoodlums to the streets.”

Sir (Chief) Tony Okocha assured Rivers people that no.matter the situation, “President Tinubu has not and will never, marshal out frail~looking, hunger~stricken Old Women, half nude, to go to the streets to counter the oppositions gimmick.”

The Rivers APC leader confidently submitted that President Tinubu is busy proffering short and long term panaceas to ameliorate the difficulties Nigerians including the Old Grandmothers and Mothers and Wives and Sisters, face.

Amb. Vincent Gbosi,
Special Assistant on Media to the Chairman of the Caretaker Committee (CTC),
All Progressives Congress (APC),
Rivers State.

26th February, 2024.

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