Nigerian migrant earns €22,000 a month in welfare payments and labels himself “Mr. Cash Money”

The Nigerian migrant earns €22,000 a month in welfare payments and labels himself “Mr. Cash Money” while owning a fleet of luxury cars

Foreigners in Germany are defrauding taxpayers out of millions by claiming they have foreign children who are not actually theirs, with the women involved in the scams winning social benefits and residence permits.

The investigative report on the explosion in “fake fathers” comes from the publicly funded RBB and ARD, which profiles Jonathan A., a flamboyant Nigerian known for posing with his luxury fleet of German cars in Nigeria despite German authorities labeling him as “destitute.” The migrant is making so much off of German taxpayers that he has labeled himself “Mr. Cash Money.”

According to public media, German taxpayers are paying for his 24 children from various women, who are mainly from African countries. Jonathan A., who was born in Nigeria, has since obtained German citizenship. As a result, any child he has, regardless of where they are born, automatically receives citizenship, and through family reunification, the mothers, the children, and their relatives automatically receive the right to reside in Germany. In Jonathan A.’s case, this total currently equals 94 people.

He earns approximately €22,000 in welfare payments for his various children and has an additional two paternity applications in the pipeline. Nevertheless, the office responsible for disbursing payments to the man labels him as “destitute” since he earns no income from any job.

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He specifically points to Jonathan A., saying he assumes “systematic abuse of paternity recognition.”

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