Hardship: How Some Ibadan Men Depend On Girlfriends For Breast Milk To Survive

Strange things are happening in Ibadan due to hunger and hardship. Ladies, beware! Some shameless men now roam Ibadan wooing ladies so that they can gain easy access to their breast milk.

Faced with empty wallets and growling stomachs, they brainstormed a rather unconventional solution.

They roamed the streets of Ibadan with a peculiar determination, armed with pickup lines, but with a different mission – to cure hunger, not lust.

A lady, speaking anonymously, confided in me that at first, she was mesmerized by their poetry and charm. ‘It’s been ages since someone had said such sweet words to me,’ she said. ‘And then we started making out – kissing and licking. Then I revealed one of my boobs to seduce him. But that was where I made a mistake. He won’t do anything else other than sucking my breast for hours like a malnourished kid whose country has been ravaged by famine,’ she narrated as a tear fell from her eyes. ‘I had to end the relationship a week later as all he ever wanted was for me to breastfeed him.”

Another lady, Funmi, lamented over the recent trend. ‘The men should understand that they’re not the only ones being punished by Tinubu. We are also hungry. If you want breast milk, meet your mothers. I’ll never allow any man to suck my breast again in the guise of romance.’

Soon, words spread like wildfire across the city as it became a hot topic at local hangouts and hookup joints. Even “runs girls” are not left out as everyone shared anecdotes about the lengths some men would go to have a sip of that sweet, lactating nectar.

‘I don’t even allow them to touch my breasts. Why should I? You can’t pay me 2000 naira for a short time, and after pounding me, you still drink my milk worth thousands of naira. No way!’ Miss Precious, a popular runs girl, thundered.

Meanwhile, Nigerians have called on President Bola Tinubu to end the hardship he inflicted on the nation.

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  1. Are these men not aware that the women are equally hungry? Because what’s good for the geese is also good for the gander! They should allow the women to breathe

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