Father Mbaka Drops A New Prophetic Prayer

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In a recent video on Facebook, Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka has invoked the divine to vanquish obstacles hindering success and prosperity in the lives of believers.

Speaking with fervor and conviction, Fr. Mbaka proclaimed the annihilation of afflictions such as the locust of near success syndrome, failures, miscarriage, wretchedness, and premature death through the consuming fire of the Holy Ghost. Fr. Mbaka’s declaration reveals the belief in the transformative power of prayer and faith in overcoming life’s challenges.

By invoking the name of Jesus and calling upon the Holy Ghost, he instills hope and reassurance in the hearts of his followers, encouraging them to trust in divine intervention for their deliverance.

According to him, “I declare upon your life today that upon every locust of near success syndrome, failures, miscarriages, wretchedness, and premature death the fire of the Holy Ghost will consume them in the mighty name of Jesus.”

If you believe this Prophetic Prayer for yourself and family shout a big amen with faith in your heart.

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