Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah Is Coming By Kamen Chuks

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    …….The Hope Inspiring Mantra In Anambra Now

    There is this feeling of thrill and excitement emanating from the Ndi Anambra that has spread beyond political parties and beyond Anambra State, too.

    They now see hope at the end of the tunnel, with the heartwarming news of Ikemba’s coming.A decision that they have all resolved to collectively make in 2025.

    You will observe that lately, the Anambra state government driven by the fear of Ikemba’s coming, now celebrates every little recognition from the APC-led federal government with so much joy and fanfare on social media that one begins to wonder whether this is not the same APC they branded evil and an anathema in the last election and even till date.

    The desperation in the acts of the “classless and clueless solution ” minority further heightened by the mantra; ‘Ikemba is coming’ which is spreading like wild fire, is becoming glaring even to the most naive segments of the society.

    Today, all manner of idle charlatans have been recruited by the state government and sent out to all media platforms as pseudo media influencers in a bid to change the prevalent and widespread belief that Ikemba is coming; a belief that is gaining supersonic crescendo; that Ikemba is the one to set Anambra State on the path of rapid development and industrialisation, such that will compete with developed countries in the world.

    But as has become customary with the Gov Soludo administration’s penchant for cutting corners and cheap articles, a set of media carpenters with zero experience got handed the mandate of changing a narrative that has already resonated and sitting pretty with the masses of the state.

    Men of God, too, have gotten involved in the Ikemba project as revelations they received confirm divine endorsement of the project.

    To further buttress the divine endorsement, the Anambra ancestral warrior spirit started sending out its own endorsements via dreams to the various Obis and Ndi Igwe, and they, in turn, began a frenzy race to confer chieftaincy titles on the anointed and by so doing adopt him for their communities before the state government quickly applied threats to stop the rush.

    The great news is that Ikemba is coming with supersonic speed, and no force is strong enough to counter the forces pushing the movement without getting crushed.

    The Ikemba spirit is everywhere, including amongst the gatherings where different plots are being hatched by the haters of Anambra development. That is why we are always one step ahead of them. We hear all their plots while the law of nature handles the rest, as can be seen from the level of cluelessness and absurdity that emanates from the state government activities almost on a daily basis in recent times. Isaiah 54:15-17.

    Ikemba is coming, and Ndi Anambra will breathe easier and freer as they watch modernity envelop them, and crime become grossly unattractive while conditions of living and personal development get easier for everyone.

    Anambra under Ikemba’s watch, is going to witness a transcendental transformation from the current state government policy style of majoring in the minor and celebrating old-fashioned mediocre feats, to embracing a new ideas based technologically developed commercial governance 80% of whose feats have not been witnessed by any previous administration in Nigeria.

    A new era is coming to Anambra State for when the selfless and the contented is in power, the people truly rejoice!!

    Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah CON is coming.

    _ Kamen Chuks

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