Enugu State Govt Warns Against Vandalisation Of Government Water Facilities

Peter mbah,

The Government of Enugu State has observed with dismay acts of sponsored and deliberate vandalism and wanton destruction of government water facilities and other critical infrastructure by some unpatriotic elements in the state.

The incessant attacks on water infrastructure such as destruction of water galleries, electrical fittings on solar lights attached to water facilities, damage of both high pressure and distribution pipes by these hoodlums have denied many of the innocent citizens of the state access to potable water with a huge cost on the government for replacement.

These acts which are now causing untold hardship on our innocent citizens, despite warnings, will now be taken as an act of terrorism with dire consequences on those engaging in the criminal venture.

In view of the above, the government therefore restates its commitment to ensuring all public facilities are protected at all costs, including water fixtures by reinforcing security surveillance around these facilities, prosecuting anybody or group of individuals caught in this act of sabotage.

It is pertinent to further warn that contractors and other companies constructing roads, carrying on trenching or excavation, or building any structure should exercise the highest level of caution as any damage to water facilities or any other public facility will not only be prosecuted but will also be held responsible for indemnity over what they damage.

Members of the public are urged to take these facilities as their own by protecting them, and staying vigilant against vandals prowling around. You are advised to make use of any of our communication channels to make your reports.

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