Ohanaeze Ndigbo Condemns Killing Of Officers, Soldiers In Delta State

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The Okuama Massacre, a tragic chapter stained in blood, has left us in a state of deep mourning, profound sorrow, and unrelenting anger. The callous and heinous act that claimed the lives of 17 soldiers from the 181 Amphibious Battalion in Delta State is a bitter reminder of the treachery that lurks among us.

OHANAEZE NDIGBO stands resolute in condemnation of this despicable act that robbed us of these gallant soldiers who embarked on a mission of peace and mediation in Okuama and Okoloba. The loss of these brave souls demands justice – a justice that must be swift and unyielding.

We hurl our unrestrained fury at the perpetrators of this vile slaughter, branding their actions as barbaric, satanic, and emblematic of cowardice. The people of Delta State must rise in unison to ensure that these armed killers are brought to swift justice and face the full weight of the law for their sins.

We extend our sympathies to the grieving families, particularly mourning the loss of the valiant Igbo officer, Major DE OBI, and his comrades who sacrificed their lives in service. As a nation, we must unite in resolute condemnation of this grievous loss, paying homage to Major DE OBI and his courageous companions.

In the forthcoming 2024 Igbo Easter Retreat in Asaba, we will light the flames of tribute for Major DE OBI and the other 16 fallen soldiers, immortalizing their legacy in the annals of our history. Additionally, we will bestow the highest honor upon President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in solidarity and support for his leadership during these tumultuous times.

We call upon political stalwarts like Peter Obi, Atiku Abubakar, and Rabiu Kwankwaso to set aside their feuds and join hands in solidarity with Tinubu to steer our nation through the murky waters of economic and security crises that threaten to engulf us.

Let this be a stark warning, an unyielding call for justice and retribution. The blood of our fallen heroes demands nothing less than unwavering resolve, united in purpose and resolute in action.

Secretary General, OHANAEZE NDIGBO

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