Bobrisky Shares Evidence Of His Womanhood


Cross-dresser and controversial media personality Bobrisky has taken to his Instagram to further share evidence of his womanhood.

Sharing a picture of himself, advertising a cream, he expressed that his journey transitioning into a woman has been going smooth. He also further stated that, thankfully, he has had no health issue and that everything has been going smooth for him.

He expressed gratitude to his doctors, both in Nigeria and outside the country, who have been instrumental in his transition.

He shared a picture of himself cradling his augmented boobs in his hands while looking exquisitely beautiful.

Also recall that earlier today, Bobrisky had revealed that he was not gay because he was a full woman. He also further stated that he had everything to prove that he was a woman, both physically and medically. This was in response to controversial social rights activist, Very Dark Man, who slammed him for sleeping with Nigerian police.

Ialso recall that yesterday, VeryDarkMan had come out on social media to put Bobrisky on full blast. He accused Bobrisky of sleeping with the top dogs in the political arm in Nigeria, while he also obliged the Nigerian police to arrest Bobrisky since he was practicing gayism, which was against the Nigerian constitution.

However, Bobrisky, in response, retorted back at him. Bobrisky recently shared an old video of VeryDarkMan, where he is spotted confessing to have given a handjob to a man. Also, in another video, Very Dark Man had also been spotted in the video calling out Nigerians and netizens in general who were meting out evil actions to the LGBTQ community.

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