Gov. Francis Nwifuru Warns Against Double Taxation In Ebonyi State

Francis Nwifuru

The Ebonyi State Governor, Francis Nwifuru has warned revenue officers against over and double taxation, saying property owners in the State should be up to date with the payment of their taxes.

Governor Nwifuru who was speaking at the swearing in of the Chairman and members of the Ebonyi State Revenue Appeal Service Commission, reminded them that the objective of the Appeal Service Commission is to curtail the excesses of Revenue Service Commission and the Board as provided by the law.

He advised the Revenue Service Appeal Commission members not to go contrary to constitutional provisions and other laws on taxation, charging them to hold to account, the rich people in the society including government officials who flout the laws relating to the payment of tenement and ground rates, instead of chasing about the poor rural market women who sell their farm produce to eke out a living.

Nwifuru also gave indications that the State government will come up with an enabling law to checkmate the activities of scrap dealers who disguise to deface and steal public assets, noting that residents of the State have incurred losses on such criminal activities.

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