The Beautiful Nonsense Of Governor Siminialaye Fubara And Ilk

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By: Tony C. Okocha

The Parting at the centre of the Anus doesn’t make it ugly.
Rather, it beautifies the Anus.

Street urchins are at liberty to abuse, curse, insult, or choose the worst diction, it will amount to water poured on duck fowl.

If the goons know how much they latently promote my thoughts by the diatribes and tirades they post, they will beat themselves more.

You can kill a song writer but not the song.

The message of crass incompetence and cluelessness akin to Gov Siminialaye Fubara as clinically espoused cannot be obliterated/diminished by the puerile spews of community/ethnic jingoists.

We live in a society with others. We should compare scenarios and make value judgements devoid of bias, prejudice and/idiosyncrasies.

For me, it is a noble course. I shall not be detracted, deterred or distracted from the epicentre of offering for posterity, because of uninformed and dirty minds.

Rather, I am further spurred to bring out the best in me.

Luckily, apart from the distance covered via the Traditional media, New media transport farther to the world.

Critical minds all over the World, read the facts we posit and make informed decisions. They care less with the abuses rained on the positor of the apodethic and didactic facts.

When we say that Rivers State is speedily retarding in development, compared to Lagos, Borno, Akwa Ibom, Kaduna, Niger, etc, we put out weightens or standards or yardsticks.

When we try to unearth the reason for the inglorious retardation of Rivers State and establish a nexus with visionless and rudderless Government of Gov Siminialaye Fubara, are we guilty of heresy?

Does Gov Siminialaye Fubara himself, knows of the dangerous fall?

Did he not in a video footage that was shared here and that went viral, confess that he is not happy?

How else does a confused and unhappy man, get helped better, than exposing him to his foolery and offering him solutions to whip him back to track?

Are we placing a price tag to it or we offer pro bono?

Socrates (taunted as the wisest man that lived) submitted that “an unexamined life is not worth living”.

When therefore, we offer to a sinking Gov Sim, to apply the brakes and route through a part away from perdition, are we being unreasonable?

Gov Sim’s case is likened to the Cricket roasting on fire, emiting oil from the heat of fire and dying. A foolish watcher standing by instead of attempting to save the cricket, construes the object as having excess oil.

Our shrapnel will continue to detonate on the directionless Gov Sim.
It is a germane course to genuinely fight.

Any living citizen of Rivers State that in clear conscience, supports Gov Sim’s administrative ineptitude and irresponsiveness to the plight of Rivers State people at this time when other State Governors are intentionally putting out programmes and policies to better the lots of her citizenry, is wickedly complicit.

Why do you groan and grumble in secret and go public to eulogise same person who is the reason for your woes?

Which responsible citizen will be unhappy that Civil servants are being promoted and will earn corresponding wages? (though courtesy of the huge accruals to the State from the Federal government).

Which responsible citizen of Rivers State will be happy that Rivers State coffers are being thrown open for senseless jamborees in the garb of thanksgiving?

Which responsible Rivers State Citizen is happy with the half naked pictures of those Rivers women who were mobilised and so clad, for peanut, by a Pro ~Gov Sim’s organisation ~RIVERS WOMEN UNITE FOR SIM?

Which responsible Rivers State citizen, will be happy over the disconnect between the Legislative arm and the Executive arm?

Which responsible Rivers State citizen will be comfortable that in the rather unfortunate ground for so called thanksgiving, (still wondering to who), it is an avenue for innuendos against the chief benefactor of the Gov Sim’s government?

Who is happy in Rivers State that Gov Sim runs the State as a private estate not convening and holding meeting of State Executive Council, where ideas, policies and programmes of Government are properly canvassed and thoroughly debated and subsequently approved?

Which responsible citizen of Rivers State will genuinely support that Gov Sim frivolously expends State resources without an approved budget?

The number of infractions are legion. I have just elected to heed to the “Ockam razor postulation, or need I say more?.

So, in these palpable and glaringly hopeless situation, any critic is dubbed as enemy of the State?

Hell No! Silence here, is deafening.

“Evil thrives in society because Just people do nothing”.

It is within the precinct of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Rivers State, as the main opposition party in the State, to stand up for the circumstantially helpless and hopeless mass of our people.

Like Gov Sim himself said on his return from inspecting the section of the Rivers State House of Assembly complex which was burnt by agents mobilised by the State Government (Yes. I say this categorically because, no committee was empanelled by Gov Sim or the State Government, to uncover those behind the inferno on the Assembly complex or was there a report that the mysterious fire was caused by electric/power surge/spark).

I quote Gov Sim thusly “… I will fight those who want to dis~stabilise my Government. And if I die in the course, I would want to be remembered as one who was a hero…”

APC Rivers will conversely not die. We will continue to vehemently fight against an intransigent and clueless and visionless Government of Gov Sim.
No distractions from red herrers or goons or urchins or community/tribal/ethnic jingoists, will deter us.

The sum of 28.4 billion naira has just accrued from federal allocation and been received by Gov Sim on behalf of Rivers State for the month of February, 2024.

Another 12 billion naira or thereabout, as internally generated revenue (IGR) is certain.

A cumulative total sum of 40.4 billion naira is sure in the treasury of Rivers State for the month of February, 2024.

No wonder State Government sponsored jamborees across Local Government Areas and streets, have resumed as avenues to retire the huge cash.

We can’t consciousness book a place in the hottest place in hell by deciding to be indifferent or sit idly-by while our State atrophy.

Sir (Chief) Tony C. Okocha, KSC, DSSRS, JP.
Chairman, Caretaker Committee (CTC),
All Progressives Congress (APC),
Rivers State.

23rd March, 2024.

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