Reno Omokri Criticizes Peter Obi After The Space Event On Social Media

Reno Omokri

It is unfortunate that when challenged during his latest X Space outing, Peter Obi refused to take a stand on the crisis rocking the Labour Party. He sat on the fence. He prevaricated. He blamed Abure, his own ally, for not consulting widely. He said he was more interested in building a new Nigeria than in building a new Labour Party.

If Peter Obi cannot build the Labour Party, how can he build Nigeria? If he cannot solve the crisis rocking his party, how can he solve the many crises bedevilling Nigeria?

When you remove the hype and propaganda and hand Peter Obi a microphone without a written script, the stark reality becomes clear. He is a trader. He is not a leader. That is why he is trading blames when he should be providing solutions.



If Peter Obi was in APGA and there was a crisis in APGA, and he moved to the PDP, and there was a crisis in the PDP. Then he moved to the Labour Party, and there is now a crisis in the Labour Party, then the empirical evidence points to the fact that Peter Obi is the problem, not the parties.

Okay, he is no longer in APGA. Does APGA have a leadership crisis? No. He left the PDP. Is the PDP enmeshed in turmoil? No. The problem is Peter. His me, myself, and I mentality makes him conducive to crisis and incompatible with peace and orderliness.


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One Comment to “Reno Omokri Criticizes Peter Obi After The Space Event On Social Media”

  1. Reno Omokri will never be as transparent as Peter Obi.
    It’s on record that Omokri is a wayward politician while Peter Obi is a man of intact integrity.

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