Anambra Joint Security Force Intensify Hunt for Insurgents Who Attacked Police Stations


The Joint Security Force in Anambra State has intensified the manhunt for insurgents who attacked two Police Stations in the State recently.

The hunt for the gunmen has been extended to Obofia Forest, Aguluezuchukwu and Ogboji areas.

On 2nd April, 2024 The Police-led Forward Operating Base that is highly mobile struck the insurgents camps in the aforementioned areas.

Insurgents who had deployed at various locations in ambush were engaged in fierce firefight and were routed from their enclaves which were subsequently destroyed.

High calibre ammunitions, catridges, a locally fabricated rocket launcher, Police uniforms and one Ford Pick-Up Truck without number plates were recovered.

The Commissioner of Police, CP Aderemi Adeoye, who ordered the operation has vowed that it would be sustained until the insurgents are completely routed from Anambra State.

He has charged troops and personnel involved in the operations to sustain the tempo until the State is made completely safe from cowardly guerrilla attacks by the insurgents.

SP Tochuckwu Ikenga
Police Public Relations Officer,
Anambra State Command,

3rd April, 2024

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