You are a transformative administrator, Prof Oleka eulogizes ESUT Vice-Chancellor as he celebrates his 2nd year in office

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The Vice Chancellor of Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT), Prof Aloysius Michaels Okolie, has been commended for his exceptional contributions to the advancement of the institution.

The Dean, Faculty of Management Sciences at ESUT, Professor Chioma Oleka, made this commendation through a congratulatory message sent to newsmen on Saturday to commemorate the Vice Chancellor’s 2 years in Office.

She stated that Prof Okolie’s two years in office has brought about disruptive transformation in the university, thus highlighting his dedication to promoting academic growth among lecturers, students, and staff.

She posited that Prof Aloysius Michaels Okolie’s visionary guidance and strategic vision have propelled the university to new heights as ESUT has seen significant developments, including initiatives to foster innovation, drive growth, and cultivate a supportive environment for all members of the academic community.

Prof Oleka also expressed gratitude for Prof Okolie’s mentorship and guidance, noting their positive impact on faculty members’ professional development and achievements.

Highlighting the university’s achievements during Prof Okolie’s tenure, Prof Oleka mentioned the increase in the number of lecturers appointed to collaborate with the state government, a testament to the institution’s commitment to excellence.

In her statement, Prof Oleka extended heartfelt appreciation to Prof Okolie for his exemplary leadership and dedication to service, expressing high hopes for the university’s continued progress under his guidance.

The statement reads…

Commendation for Exceptional Leadership and Visionary Innovation to ESUT Vice Chancellor, Prof Alloysus Michaels Nnabugwu Okolie at his two years in Office.


Prof Chioma Oleka

My wonderful Vice Chancellor Sir,

I am writing sincerely to express my immeasurable appreciation for your outstanding leadership and visionary guidance.

Since you assumed office 2 years ago, your dedication to fostering innovation, driving growth, and cultivating a supportive environment for your staff, especially lecturers, has been truly outstanding.

You came and embarked on career transformation for us and through this strategic vision and your unalloyed commitment to see its success, it propelled so many of us to new heights. Thereby inspiring us all to strive for excellence and embrace challenges with enthusiasm that corresponds with international standard and best practice.

Your ability to navigate complex landscapes like compulsory inaugural lectures for professors, compulsory membership of Professional Bodies as well as other informed decisions has been instrumental in our success stories. Hence, ESUT is fast becoming a renowned citadel of knowledge across the continent.

Sir, your mentorship and guidance have empowered our Faculty in particular to explore new opportunities, expand our horizons, and achieve remarkable results.

I am writing this message from a Federal University in the North, where I am currently serving as an external examiner, a testament to the confidence and expertise which you instilled in me through your charismatic leadership style. I must admit, I am thoroughly enjoying the hectic but beneficial atmosphere you created here in ESUT. Though not easy but enjoyable as one sees herself growing in the system. You have time without number encouraged us to see ourselves as Vice Chancellors somewhere someday, therefore should start now to learn the work. Thank you, my Vice Chancellor, for making me dream and think like a Vice Chancellor.

Sir, Your passion for our great institution to prosper and your tireless efforts to intellectually empower the academic staff through advice, push, rebuke, guidance and prayers have made so many of us better and some best. This development had moved ESUT to an enviable height which cannot go unnoticed.

I have no doubt that Okechi will continue to reward your efforts on our behalf.

Sir, in case you don’t know, ESUT is the tertiary institution that has more lecturers appointed by our amiable Governor to work with him and this can also be attributed to your quest for impartation of excellence in us.

Your 2-years in office has transformed the University and we are of high hope of getting more better in years to come under your leadership.

On behalf of the entire Faculty of Management Sciences (FMS), I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your exemplary leadership and dedication to service.

We are honored to have you at the helm, driving our institution towards a brighter future.

Thank you for your continued inspiration and guidance.

Warm regards,
Prof Chioma Oleka
First Female Dean FMS, ESUT.

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