Lagos State Govt Threatens To Seal Supermarkets Over Non-disclosure Of Price Tags On Product

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The Lagos State Government has mandated supermarkets and grocery stores throughout the state to display price tags on all products, warning that failure to comply may result in the sealing of non-compliant establishments.
The warning was issued by the Lagos State Consumer Protection Agency (LASCOPA) on Saturday as a measure to enhance transparency and safeguard consumers from potential price exploitation, as contained in a statement retrieved from the Lagos State Government’s official website.

This initiative aims to prevent misunderstandings and inconvenience at the point of sale, fostering a more straightforward and consumer-friendly shopping experience.

“The Lagos State Consumer Protection Agency (LASCOPA) has issued a stern warning to supermarkets and grocery stores within the state regarding the non-disclosure of price tags on products.

“LASCOPA’s warning aims to ensure transparency and protect consumers from potential price exploitation as non-disclosure of price tags can lead to misunderstandings and inconvenience at the point of sale,’’ the statement read in part.

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The statement also revealed that Mr. Afolabi Solebo, the General Manager of LASCOPA, emphasized that the absence of price tags on products infringes upon consumer rights and violates the Lagos State Consumer Protection Agency Law.

He pointed out that this lack of transparency prevents consumers from making informed purchasing decisions. Solebo further highlighted that these practices are in direct contradiction with the Consumer Protection Act, which requires the clear display of prices for goods and services to facilitate informed consumer choices.

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Furthermore, Mr. Afolabi Solebo encouraged consumers in Lagos to report any instances of non-compliance with the price tag regulation to LASCOPA.

He provided the agency’s social media platforms as well as dedicated phone lines for such reports, which are 08124993885, 09064323154, and 08092509777, urging the public to actively participate in safeguarding their consumer rights.

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