Israel’s Military Says 99% Of Weapons Fired By Iran Intercepted

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The Israeli military said Sunday that “99%” of the more than 300 projectiles fired at Israel by Iran were intercepted.

Only “a small number” of ballistic missiles reached the country’s territory, Israel Defense Forces spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said.

The remaining ballistic missiles, all cruise missiles and all drones were intercepted before reaching Israeli territory, he added.
Around 170 drones, more than 30 cruise missiles and more than 120 ballistic missiles were launched at Israel by Iran, he said, the vast majority intercepted by the Israeli Air Force and Israeli “partners.”

The ballistic missiles that did reach Israel fell on the Nevatim Airbase in southern Israel, Hagari said, adding that they caused only light structural damage. The base was functioning and continuing its operations following the attack, with planes continuing to use the base, he added.

Some of the weapons launched at Israel were fired from Iraq and Yemen, Hagari added.
Remember: US President Joe Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a phone call that his country should consider tonight a win because the current US assessment is that Iran’s attacks had been largely unsuccessful and demonstrated Israel’s superior military capability, a senior administration official told CNN.

US forces were also involved in defending Israel, intercepting more than 70 one-way attack drones and at least three ballistic missiles, according to two US officials familiar with the situation.

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